Kwesé launched free premium bouquet in Botswana


After launching its pay TV services in Gaborone recently, the Pan-African broadcaster, Kwesé has added supplementary bouquet to its offering  known as Kwesé Free bouquet.

Shadi Linchwe,  marketing and public relations manager said in an interview with Showbiz, “The bouquet would feature at least five channels available to its pay subscription customers.” Free Sports Channel will be included showing live sports game from English Premier League and NBA. Kwesé decoder owners will be able to enjoy entertainment, news and some religious channels.

Shadi Linchwe added, “additional 70 channels will be available to subscribers who use Kwesé Free boutique by only purchasing a three, seven, or 30-day window within a certain notice period of time using Orange Money, paying on the website or in any Post office in Botswana. This method will give customers total freedom and having control as well as getting value for money”

“To access Kwesé Free bouquet all you need to do is to own a decoder and register as a Kwesé TV subscriber. Kwesé TV is available from Kwesé branded stores at African Mall Block 6, Mogoditshane SupaSave Mall. You can also buy online on Kwesé eStore or simply find a dealer on Kwesé website. Kwesé is the fastest growing broadcast network on the continent, available in all English speaking countries in sub-saharan African through its varieties of products such as Kwesé TV, Kwesé Free Sports and Kwesé Play.” said Linchwe. Linchwe 

“We see the concept as a simple one, why should owning a decoder be any different from owning a mobile phone? Once you purchase it, it belongs to you and it should be something you can use whether or not you choose to pay for our service,” said Econet Media Group CEO and president Joseph Hundah.

 Kwesé is aiming to change the perspective of African broadcasting by providing its subscribers premium contents at an affordable price. Kwesé’s products is made available on Internet based platforms, satellite, video-on-demand and mobile options.