KPL on MediaPro offers

Kenyan Premier League Chief Executive Officer Jack Oguda has defended the decision to reject a rights broadcast deal offered by Chinese broadcaster Star Times and KPL’s involvement with MediaPro to produce premier league matches.

Oguda clarified that the Free-to-Air model was meant to increase fan base and in essence create stronger KPL brand that sponsors would want to identify with. When asked how the deal between KPL and MediaPro will help grow local football standards and attract sponsors, Oguda said, “MediaPro is a reputable provider of the equipment and services for the coverage of the league and is known for producing international sports events, with special focus on football coverage, MediaPro was fronted by our strategic partner La Liga after signing of the MoU in May 2017 to help us develop the KPL brand to boost the visibility (HD quality) of the league and to create a strong brand presence. This partnership will help KPL generate a sponsorship plan concerning the advertising and commercial exploitation of the league”

Oguda also clarified on Star Times and Azam offers. He said, “The league on November 16, 2017 called for the tender for the Media Rights and the winning bid was by Star Times who gave an offer to KPL . Their offer was later withdrawn in January 2018 due to the terms in the agreement and we had to strategize and had to negotiate with the local Free-to-air stations to ensure that we continue to have exposure. The league has not received any offer from Azam.”