Kenya launches its first Islamic TV Channel


Kenya’s first full-spectrum Islamic Television Channel, Horizon TV, was launched by the Jamia Mosque in Nairobi. Horizon TV will be broadcasted on digital platforms.

The committee chairman of the Jamia Mosque, Sheikh Osman Warfa said: “The channel’s content aims to correct misconceptions about Islam and Muslims and nurture constructive dialogue, tolerance and cooperation among all Kenyans.”

The channel hence becomes the third religious TV channel in Kenya following Family TV and GBS. Both of the previous religious channels to Horizon TV espouses the Christian Faith. Horizon TV, whose motto is ‘Beacon for the Nation’ will air both religious and general content on Bamba TV and other stations. 

Abdullatif Essajee, the chairman of Horizon TV’s oversight board said, “We will strive to provide positive narratives about Muslims and Kenyans as well as educate and entertain our viewers in ways that do not violate moral and Islamic principles.”