KBC TV to become a continuous news channel in Algeria

The authorities of the private general TV in Algeria, KBC, announced that KBC TV will be known as El Khabar TV in two to three months and will become at the same time a News TV channel. 

The decision came after a meeting of the General Assembly of the Group El Khabar where Zahreddine Smati, the president of the administrative council confirmed that KBC will not close down but would instead become a channel which will air news continuously. 

He also said: “It is a redeployment that we deemed necessary, especially as it will be in line with our main activity, which is the production and dissemination of information. This redeployment will take place with the same concern for rigor and the professional demands that have always marked the creation of the newspaper El Khabar.”

KBC TV is an Algerian private broadcaster, based in Algiers. Launched on December 25, 2013, it is a subsidiary of the El Khabar Group.