JOOX Mobile app for music streaming now in SA

Tencent Africa launched a mobile music streaming app allowing South Africans to stream and download music. The app will come with functionalities, including hundreds of local music playlists with a soundtrack suiting every mood.

JOOX will provide free and paid VIP experiences to users and offline music listening as well, saving up on mobile data.  A feature will also be available to users to choose from 3 different quality options enabling them to manage their data consumption on their phone.

Brett Loubser, CEO of Tencent Africa Services said, “JOOX has seen tremendous success, surpassing its competitors to become the number one music streaming app in all four markets where it has launched. With the combination of a proven emerging markets content model and the experience of our local team, JOOX will provide a truly accessible and mobile-first experience for South African customers.”

Euphonik, an award-winning house music legend said “We are thrilled that there is now a music streaming service that is open to engaging with local musicians to drive growth in the industry. We look forward to working with JOOX to promote local music.” The JOOX team will be focusing on the local content promotion and will aid South African artists to connect with their fans.

The Mobile streaming app has secured relationships with all major international record labels to make sure the music lovers are able to stream the most popular global hits and back a catalogue. “JOOX is differentiated by a compelling feature offering and we’ve observed the service to be both intuitive and engaging,” says Sean Watson, Managing Director Sony Music Entertainment Africa.