Huawei and Telkom showcase 4K video streaming in South Africa

Huawei Technologies launched a pilot for 4K video streaming solution in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Thanks to Telkom’s deployment of a 100mbps fibre to the home (FTTH), residents can watch ultra HD TV with the fastest internet speed.

Jet Liu, Director of Video Solution, Huawei Southern Africa Region said, “There has been much talk about 4K video and while 4K TV sets have been available in South Africa for a couple of years, content and affordable high-speed internet connections have been a barrier to growth.” Liu added, “This pilot project is in response to the demand we have witnessed in the South African market, and we want to showcase our commercially ready solution.”

Huawei aims to enable carriers to deliver video as basic service for new growth in mobile data volumes and declining traditional voice revenues. Liu said Huawei has the capability and experience to provide its telecoms partners with an end-to-end video solution. It can also construct the best video experience network with high efficiency and low cost and building an open and collaborate video platform to attract ecosystem partners to provide better and more content for end users.