Gulf States demand the shutdown of Al-Jazeera channels

Al-Jazeera, the Arabic news network is under pressure, the Gulf States are asking of its immediate shut-down especially in the light of the recent events. This has been a demand made by the State for 20 years.

The Qatar based network, is the most viewed Arabic channel worldwide and enjoy a good popularity with the Arab population but not their government such as the Bahrain Kingdom which has ban the channel from all hotels and touristic facility with severe sanctions for the violators. 

The channel has been perceived by foreign powers as a tool for the promotion of Islam and a propaganda media. The Qatar has denied these accusations and declared that with coverage enjoyed by the channel it would be impossible to silence it.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani declared: “If anyone thinks they are going to impose anything on my internal affairs or my internal issues, this is not going to happen. We are an independent country with our own sovereignty.”

The Qatar with its radical position is getting more and more isolated as well Al-Jazeera. Qatar’s opponents have already shut down access to the channel as well as its websites in their territories. Saudi-Arabia took it a step further with the blockade of their airspace to all Qatari flights as well as land border. 

Al-Jazeera was the first Arab satellite news channel, first hosting Israeli representatives as well as being able to go beyond government censorship. Acting Director General of the Al-Jazeera Media Network, Mostefa Souag, believes Al-Jazeera is being targeted because “we tell the truth.”