Greenhouse Academy launched on Netflix

Greenhouse Academy, the latest Israeli purchase of Netflix will launch on Friday 8 September. It will mark the first time the entertainment company allowed one of their shows to be shot outside the US. 

The whole show, comprising two seasons of 24 episodes was entirely made in Israel and filmed on the country’s beaches and streets and on backlot studios. Giora Chamizer, the show runner and writer of the Greenhouse Academy said the production was in their hands. 

More importantly, the television studios that appreciate what Israeli television can offer, in this age of serial binge-watching, are product of the new technology era, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO. 

“We wanted to keep the Giora formula,” said Orly Katz, CEO of Ananey Communications Group, the Tel Aviv-based TV firm that is partially controlled by Viacom, and has worked closely with Chamizer for years.