Ginx TV and Mega 8 Sport sealed deal

Mega 8 Sport, the famous e-sport arena in South Africa as announced a partnership with Ginx TV the international TV channel dedicated to Esport. This will result in the broadcasting of the competition taking place inside the area to a much wider audience.

Mega 8’s General Manager Given Radingwana declared about this new alliance: “The partnership allows us as Mega8 eSports to reach a much wider audience by making the eSports broadcasts more accessible to the non-gaming public through the Ginx TV platforms. It will ultimately assist us in our quest to grow the eSports community, both competition and audience, in South Africa.”

Esports in South Africa is still young but growing, for instance SuperSport has signed recently a deal with Ginx TV to promote the new phenomena. The Mega 8 structure is owned by Kagiso Media. Vincent Maher, Kagiso Media’s CIO commented: “Globally speaking, broadcast partnerships are instrumental in the growth of eSports and making it accessible to a broader audience. As Kagiso Media continues to develop eSports in South Africa we look forward to more teams, tougher competition and increased sponsor value.”