Ghanaian telecom regulator allows 3G deployment in poorly covered areas

With the aim of enabling people in landlocked or poorly mobile network areas to have better access to quality data, the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana has authorized licensed telecom operators 2G to deploy the 3G. Telecom operators will be able to carry out this operation thanks to the 900 MHz frequency band made for the 3rd generation, but which has been allocated to them for the provision of 2G services.

Joe Anokye, NCA CEO, explained that 3G technology will allow telecom companies to expand their data coverage area with minimal costs. The network can be deployed over a large area and reach more people without significant financial expense. No need to deploy additional base stations. With this solution, “we will promote digital inclusion in Ghana. This will result in maximum use of the spectrum and an improved and consistent telecom experience that will reduce blackheads of 3G coverage, “said Joe Anokye.

At the heart of this decision to deploy 3G, is the welfare of the consumer, said the regulator telecom. In order to facilitate this improvement in the data experience in landlocked and under-serviced areas, the NCA has decided to waive an application fee for this service at the level of the companies concerned.