Foxxum renews deal with El Araby smart TVs

The El Araby group and Foxxum have decided to strengthen their long-tern cooperation and involve Tornado, the own TV brand of Al Araby, as part of their strategic alliance.Foxxum will design and support Tornado’s Smart TV App Store which will be distributed throughout Egypt and the neighbouring Arabic countries. The Foxxum Smart TV Solution will improve Tornado TVs with a set of new features and better user experience as well as high quality of local and international content. 

Mohy Elaraby, Chief Marketing Officer of El Araby Group said, “Thanks to the strong foundation we have built together, it has been possible to include our own brand Tornado under the supervision of Foxxum. This seemed to us to be the most logical next step to fully get the most out of our strategic partnership. Having Tornado supported by the Foxxum TV Store will further elevate our capabilities to supply quality products that strengthen our position in the local Smart TV business.”

The CEO of Foxxum, Ronni Lutzi, said it is a big honour to have El Araby’s own TV Brand running on their Smart TV Solution. He said, “We are ready to support and accompany El Araby, one of the largest North African and Middle East manufacturer of TVs and white good products, on their way to increase their market presence and customer trust. Our partnership marks a milestone in our efforts to expand into the MENA region”.