Fox Life brings changes to programming schedule

Fox Networks Group Africa has announced that Fox Life will be making changes to its schedule to make it easier for audiences to watch their favourite shows through genre streamlining, predicting repeat patterns and weekend catch ups. 

Some of the international shows that helped establish the channel, such Lee Daniel’s Star and Atlanta will be swapped for more local programming, like Vintage Z and Click, which will broadcast on the new ‘Urban Thursdays’. The channel will dedicate more airtime to the Turkish telenovelas due to increasing audience demand.

The Fox Networks Group Africa has an increased investment into local content, aiming to appeal to women across the continent. The channel will also have a new logo.

Tracey Gilchrist, director of programming for Fox Networks Group Africa, says, “It is time for FoxLife to move forward. We have listened to the audience, and plan to keep super-serving you with the best content in a viewing environment that is current and fresh.” Gilchrist adds, “At the same time, we are still committed to bringing you the best first on Fox Africa, and looking forward to moving to forward stronger with both of these hugely popular channels.”