FOX Africa on the way to boost ratings

The network revealed, according to The Media Online, its latest news and previewed its upcoming programming. Van der Veer, General Manager of the Network said, “Both shareholders of 21st Century Fox and Disney have approved all proposals related to the transaction and Disney now is working towards getting all the regulatory approvals in non-US jurisdictions … These things take some time.”

The brand’s assets cover sports, local content production, linear and non-linear entertainment brands and Nat Geo partners across all markets in East, West and Southern Africa. To double the ratings on FOX, the group’s flagship channel, prime-time programming was moved to a few minutes before 20:00, so that it starts airing before the competition.

Another deal with Twentieth Century Fox also brought first-run premiere content, including The Gifted, and The Resident. All this content runs within one hour of the show premiering in the United States. “We have produced our own shows and will produce more of our own shows. We are fully committed in investing in local content production in South Africa and business in Southern Africa,” said Van der Veer.

n July, FNG Europe & Africa announced a new co-production on War of the Worlds, based on the work of HG Wells, which followed the company’s first regional original scripted drama Deep State, the first season of which has already aired. Van der Veer revealed that season 2 of the show would also be shot in South Africa.