FOX Africa boosting its local content and planning SVOD offer


In March, FOX Africa hosted a four-team regional club soccer tournament in Senegal, a trailer to the launch of the first 16 team West African football Cup of Nations in Ghana in September. 

Gary Alfsonso, General Manager of FOX said, “20th Century Fox and Fox Networks Group (FNG) is one of the few media companies in the world that is investing in Africa right now,”. He added: “We invested hard cash into the development of sport … Football Associations don’t do deals with people who don’t put their money where their mouth is. We’ve put the investment on the ground.”

FNG is investing in another sport, boxing, on the other side of the continent. It hosted the first boxing event in Nairobi, Kenya at the beginning of February as a pilot test. From this week in Botswana, FOX Sports will be hosting the sixth Annual Africa Boxing event with WBA sanctioned title fights between African nations. “No other sports network on earth gives you boxers from African nations competing against each other on that kind of platform,” says Alfonso.

For both sports, FNG has taken on board experts, including former coaches, analysts, directors and participants, as consultants to help better develop the sports platform.

FNG is currently also developing two new exciting offers. The team is developing the very first locally produced content by FOX, which will be aligned with global production standards and will stand alongside international premium content on the FOX channels. The other offer is a Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) business. Since FOX content is not to be found on Netflix, a SVOD platform, being driven by the FOX Africa office, will be launched very soon in South Africa.

Alfonso concludes saying, “When I was recruited one of the things I said I wanted to do, is I want to be the guy that makes FOX rock on this continent and I’ve not deviated from that thought/goal from day one and one year later it is exciting”.