Federal Government of Nigeria planning free TV distribution

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister for Information and Culture stated that the Federal Government is planning to launch a US$27.7 million per annum free TV distribution network. This decision is aimed to boost the Nollywood industry in Nigeria.

Mohammed stated that the gesture is meant to grow the economy of the movie industry in the country. Mohammed said, “today if you want to buy a Nollywood film, you either go to the Alaba market or you go and buy from the authorised shops, but with this network, it is now possible for millions of Nigerians to buy on demand. We call it video on demand. It is part of the facilities available on this set top boxes, which means you can buy online. Imagine if 20 million people order a film in on day, it would grow the economy of Nollywood.”

The Minister depicted the commissioning as an important milestone for Nigeria to attain technological self-reliance, saying that it was impressive that the factory can produce 2.4 million set top boxes annually. Mohammed said the confidence investors exhibited in the DSO programme of the FD is commendable.

Group Managing Director of Gospel Digital Technology, which will be part of the programme as provider of set-top-boxes in the country, Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa said, “In addition to DTT and DTH we are witnessing pioneering efforts in local production by commissioning three SMT automatic chip placement lines and four pneumatic assembly lines with the capacity of placing 250, 000 components per hour and production of 200,000 STB per month and also manufacture 100, 000 printed circuit boards per month.” He added, “By this reckoning, the company is one of very few that you can find anywhere in the West African sub-region and is also capable of manufacturing, TV decoders, prepaid electricity metres, smart phones TV main boards, tablets and all kinds of electronic devices.”