EbonyLife TV ups with new political drama, ‘The Governor’

EbonyLife TV, Africa’s first Global Black Entertainment and Lifestyle network, is coming up with something new on its channel. Great news for the residents of Africa. A powerful political drama series entitled ‘The Governor’, is about to be premiered as from the beginning of July this year, on Thursdays on EbonyLife TV (DSTV Channel 165).

The particular series revolves around the journey of Angela Ochello, the Deputy Governor of Savannah State. It is a fascinating story where Angela finds herself being embroiled all of a sudden in a political machination after the death of the Governor. As the series unravel, the audience will get to see how Angela learns to grow personally and professionally, with the help of her trusted Chief of Staff, to get through the tedious journey of political life while endeavouring at keeping the stability of personal life.

Savannah, the coastal state in Western Africa where the series ‘The Governor’ was set, is actually one of the most politically active states in the country. Having a population of 15 million inhabitants, Savannah is really rich in iron ore. The state being known for temperate weather conditions and wide grassland space, most of its inhabitants are fishermen and farmers.