e.tv to show Case Closed in SA

Case Closed: Justice Served e.tv’s local crime and investigation series, reveals South Africa’s crimes and subsequent convictions, as told by those closest to the crimes.

“There appeared to have been a gap in the TV market for a local crime series. And with South Africans being natural storytellers, we felt, why not let those involved, tell their own stories with little narration,” comments Ayesha Ismail, head of research and series producer of the show.

Local independent production house, Okuhle Media was commissioned to find the diverse and unique criminal cases featured in the series. The production team worked together with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to intricately unpack 13 cases that resulted in weekly episodes.

“Every single case covered showed how police carried out their duties diligently. The prosecutors also meticulously did their work and worked hand-in-hand with the police to secure successful convictions,” shares Ismail.
“We wanted unique cases and cases that would appeal to all South Africans – not only rape and murder,” says Ismail. “We also made a conscious decision to change the narrative that only poor black people commit crime.”

The series was shot at the actual crime scenes with each episode taking atleast three days to complete. Each episode plays for 23-minutes with two commercial breaks.