DTT on track in Zambia with 60% of work completed

The TopStar Sales Director, Cliff Sichone said over 60% work has been done on Zambia’s DSO project. Sichone said that the country is set to switch off from analogue to digital transmission by December 31, 2017.

So far all the provincial centers and surrounding towns have already switched to Digital Terrestrial Television from analogue television. Sichone said his company is using the last two months signal and connectivity reinforcement in the country to ensure all is set for the DSO.

However North Western province has slightly lagged behind because of the terrain and the long distances that need to be covered forcing TopStar to use Direct to Home decoders in the province. Sichone said the equipment for the tower in Livingstone is already in the country and that the city will switch to digital by second week of November.