DStv suspends two channels in Angola

Angolan consumers woke up to a surprise, Zap DStv cancelled the broadcasting of two of their channels SIC Noticias and SIC International. According to locals, the reasons for the cancellation is that the channels are too critic toward the government, thus pressuring MultiChoice for the interruption of the programmes, and the other is weak audience. 

Angolan Association of Consumer Rights (AADIC) announced the creation of a class action lawsuit against Zap DStv for the exclusion of SIC channels. The Vice president of the AADIC Lourenco Texe expressed the “flagrant violation of consumer law” due to the unilateral breach of content. Both were part of a pay-TV package and the termination of their broadcasting was not part of the said contract.

The claim about the censorship has become more credible since the SIC channel diffused a documentary called “Angola, a country rich of 20 million of poor” which was challenging the President Dos Santos management of the country. The channel had been already pull out in Mars by the government.