DRC to receive LTE Services from Vodacom

Vodacom, mobile network provider announced that it will offer LTE services, with speeds in excess of 20Mb/s in the DRC. The company benefits from a first mover advantage since it is the first network operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to offer those services.

According to Diego Gutierrez, Chief Operating Officer International Markets at Vodacom, this marks another significant milestone for the group having pioneered advanced technological innovations such as 2G, BBM, 3G, 3G +, M-Pesa. Gutierrez said, “Moreover, the achievement is in line with our ambition to deliver world-class digital services across all our markets within which we operate. We continue to accelerate the roll out of 4G networks to more regions and ensuring there is sufficient coverage in the rural areas. Currently our 3G and 4G coverage as well as download speeds in countries like Tanzania, Lesotho and Mozambique are well above those of our next best competitors.”

He added, “The introduction of 4G allows us to seize digital opportunities, grow our enterprise business, develop local content and media platforms, and empower customers through a seamless digital experience. With improved technology, the opportunities for innovation and expansion are endless.”