Discovery Digital integrates Microsoft PlayReady in its OTT service

South African digital media group, Discover Digital, which plans to launch an OTT service by the middle of 2014, has integrated Microsoft’s digital rights management system, Microsoft PlayReady DRM, into its transactional and subscription video-on-demand offering.

“Microsoft PlayReady is used to manage and protect our content for OTT internet TV and for the content kiosk rental system we developed, which allows unconnected consumers to rent content on demand at convenient kiosks and download them onto a USB stick to watch on our set top box,” said Stephen Watson, co-founder and executive director of Discover Digital.

The company plans to make content available to both connected and unconnected customers. However, the unconnected customers will be able to rent videos on-demand at kiosks, downloading them to a USB stick to watch via a set-top box.