Discovery Channel South Africa to air ‘How to Adventure’

Riaan Manser’s new show, How to Adventure, will soon ignite Discovery Channel’s viewers’ need for adventure. The show will air on Tuesdays on DStv 121 where subscribers will be taken for adrenaline sparked rides by following the South Africa adventurer on his exciting challenges. Manser’s new show, produced by Oxgy3n Media in partnership with Volkswagen, will see him taking South Africans on mind-blowing adventures right in front of their TV. From snorkeling with seals to jumping off cliffs, How to Adventure promises to ignite the adventuring spirit in everyone who tunes in to watch. 

Manser commented on the new show saying, “This show is a progress of me. It’s the next step. It’s really part of my growth. People are going to be watching and thinking; ‘that guy just got it lucky’. But this show has really been 17 years in the making. It’s a big deal for me and something I dreamt about for years.” He added, “I remember when my first book, Around Africa on My Bicycle, came out and I had people from all ages come up to me and say they wish they could go on adventures like I do. People would mail me and say they wish they could do what I’m doing but they don’t have the money or time to do it. But those were the same things I didn’t have. I really didn’t have those things either. 

The show, that airs on DStv channel 121 on Tuesday nights at 21:00, takes people from all walks of life on amazing outings in South Africa. From one of SA’s top celeb chefs, Reuben Riffel, to a Drakensberg Boys Choir student, to a film-maker and a 21-year old beauty pageant winner they will all break out of their everyday routines and do something exciting.