Deutsche Welle teams up with GHF to launch African series

Deutsche Welle, the German International broadcasting in collaboration with scientific promoting organization: Gerda Henkel Foundation (GHF), just launched ‘African Roots’, a story series for young Africans.

The launch took place at the Global Media Forum organized by Deutsche Welle in Bonn Germany. Many experts of African history were gathered in a panel called “From Lucy to You – Reclaiming African History.” to debate around the interpretation of African history.

This project, sponsored by the GHF will feature 25 different stories about the African people and its notorious heroes. The media chosen are webcomics and radio portraits.

Claus Stäcker, head of the DW Africa programs and initiator of the project declared:

“African histories are particularly in demand. especially young users and listeners bemoan that the way that history is taught is strongly influenced by European and colonial perspectives and how little they learn about their own heroines and heroes. We hope to close this gap.”


The 25-animated web portrait will be drawn and designed by Jide MArtin founder of comic republic in his home country: Nigeria. The content will be broadcasted in six different African languages.