DEOD enables Chromecast for Social media sharing features

The online video on Demand streaming platform, Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD), announced that it enhanced the functionality and features of its platform to enable Chromecast for Android devices.

Stephen Watson, the MD of Discover Digital which owns DEOD, said the enhancements are in line with the company’s strategy to develop the ultimate media streaming platform for broadcasters, telecom operators and sports rights holders involved in OTT and VOD technologies. 

“Discover Digital is primarily a technology company, continually working to add value to the media streaming solutions now coming to market. Through our IKON acquisition and ongoing in-house software development and enhancements, we are building out a future-proof media streaming platform that makes next-generation entertainment a reality,” said Watson. He further added, “Casting capability for large screen viewing has been a top request from our subscribers so we have now enabled streaming to Google Chromecast devices. We have been in long term talks with Google, and this move takes us a step closer to future collaborations across Africa.”

The first phase of the development includes the launch of the Social Sharing to make viewing of movies and TV shows more social and interactive on the common Social Media Platforms. Viewers will be able to share, tag friends and comment on anything they view on Facebook and Twitter for instance without leaving the streaming platform or content page.