Dance show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ make way to SA

The internationally acclaimed dance show, Dancing with the Stars, is set to hit South Africa. The show which will debut in February on M-Net will showcase dancing talents from local stars such as TV presenter Thembisa Mdoda, actress Zola Nombona and the former Miss SA, Liesl Laurie. On the other hand, on the judging panel there will be the famous choreographer and creative director Jason Gilkison.

Jason Gilkison said, “I’ve been fortunate to work with South African dancers in many different cities during my career. They are some of the best in the business. I’ve also worked on several different versions of Dancing With The Stars – a show that really excites me. The idea of having both these entities coming together is nothing short of a choreographic dream come true! I am very much a two-way street when I create – I am inspired directly by my dancers. I really want to create something unique and exciting for South Africa. Our rehearsals have been incredible!

He also added, “Passion and authenticity are two words that immediately spring to mind – there is definitely a freedom of expression in music in this part of the world that is totally unique. I’ll be asking all the competitors to bring as much of themselves as they can to each and every dance they perform. I really can’t wait to see what South African talent can bring! Some of the greatest ballroom and Latin champions of all time have come from this country, so my expectations are pretty high.”

Dancing with the Stars is the biggest and most popular live television show in the world, where each version differs because of the local sensibilities and culture.