Crtv announces the launch of its own news channel

Cameroon Radio Television (Crtv), Cameroon’s state-owned audiovisual organization, announces the launch of its own news channel on 28 January 2018.

According to Crtv CEO Charles Ndongo, January 28 is a symbolic date, in that this state-owned media was launched on January 28, 1988. The option to create a specialty channel is a decision taken since 2016, as part of the transition to digital. Crtv News was even announced for 2017, including a channel exclusively dedicated to the sport.

The new news channel can be received by DTT, especially in the capital Yaoundé, and Douala, the economic metropolis. For those viewers who still have analog TVs, just place the outdoor antenna and a digital decoder.

It is also possible throughout Cameroon to receive the signal from Crtv News via the Eutelsat 16 A satellite that transmits in KU band in DTH (Direct to Home). It is an unencrypted signal, therefore accessible to all. It suffices for that to acquire a kit with a small parabola of about 50 cm and a decoder. The whole cost about 30 000 FCFA. The receiving solution at cable companies is also a possibility.

Finally, the Crtv indicates that its new streaming news channel can be watched on smartphone. The mobile operators distributing the signal Crtv, currently, will distribute the signal Crtv News, from January 28, 2018.