Comsol plans to launch experimental 5G network this month in South Africa

The telecom company Comsol plans to launch an experimental 5G network during this month. Based in Midrand, Johannesburg, the company will conduct this test in partnership with various Internet service providers.

The district of Gauteng will be the setting for this experience, says the information website The experiment will focus on the deployment of a fixed wireless access network. 5G is, for the moment, still at the center of many experiments by several operators and telecom equipment manufacturers. Its standards are not yet clearly defined.

For Comsol, this experiment comes within the framework of these many trial and error. Lain Stevenson, President and CEO of Comsol, explained that through the tests that will be conducted, the company will be able to determine the capabilities, then “make a financial modeling of the offers we could provide to the market. On this basis, we will decide where we will deploy the network.”

The 5G promises theoretical average speeds of 1 Gbit/s for download, and 500 Mbit / s for upload. With these capabilities, video streaming will be of a higher level for consumers, as will downloading.