Channels TV satire show is a hit in Africa


The satire show, The Other News, of Channels Television proved to be a heartthrob in Africa, bringing new types of viewers for the station and increasing audience reach out. In an exclusive interview with Balancing Act, Neil McCafferty of Pilot Media Initiatives, which partnered with Channels Television talked about how this show grasped the audience in Africa.

Partnering with Channels TV, Neil McCafferty of Pilot Media Initiatives aided in conceptualising the programme. He stated that the first season of the show aired one year ago attracted over 1.5 million viewers in its allotted time slot. Football was the biggest competition for the programme and by the end of season 3, it was boasting two million viewers.

Pilot Media Initiatives did some preparatory research in Nigeria on skills available, audiences and other issues and recruited some of the staff, particularly writers. It then put a team on the ground for just three weeks. “Each country has its own political dynamics. It helped it was an Anglophone country but we could look outside of that. The continent’s also a good place for developing digital programme versions. Something very big is happening across the continent and we’re looking at projects in places like Kenya: “The host/guest format works well and is relatively cheap so all sorts of iterations of the format are possible.”

Source: Balancing Act