CELTEL Niger wins the first 4G Mobile License in Niger

The Nigerian government granted the first 4G Mobile License to Celtel Niger S.A, the subsidiary of India’s Bharti operating under the Airtel Niger brand.

The decision was taken Monday during a special Council of Ministers.
The draft decree adopted grants this License to Celtel Niger “for the establishment and operation of fourth generation mobile telecommunications networks and services open to the public in the Republic of Niger,” the Council of Ministers announced.

The statement informs that for reasons of transparency, the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy, in relation with the Ministry of Finance and the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and the Post has engaged in a direct negotiation with 4 operators on the telecom market for the availability of this License. “At the end of this procedure, Celtel Niger SA has been declared provisional winner of the 4G license, “the statement said.

This license was granted to revitalize the sector and improve digital services in the country. The penetration rate of telephone services in Niger is 38.63% according to figures published by the ARTP in July 2017. For Internet services (fixed and mobile), it is 19.06% in 2016 according to the same source.