Cell C launched IPTV service blackBOX


The new Black media player namely the blackBOX launched by Cell C is providing access to the company’s Black streaming service. Live TV channels, subscription video-on-demand, movies and series rentals and purchase are offered by the blackBOX. Channels from Fox Africa, Sony, CBS Reality, TCM, True Movies, BBC and Bloomberg are also included.

The on-demand offers a selection of local and international films and series and several sports channels. The price for its video-on-demand ranges from USD 70c per day to 7 USD monthly, on the other hand Black TV subscription is between 3 US Dollar and 20 USD per month. The Black’s “BINGE” package which includes Black TV and on-demand-video ranging from 6 USD and 35 USD per month while subscriptions to Fox is 7 USD and TV channels of Premiership football clubs are between USD 35c and 2 USD per month.

The blackBOX is Android-based media box which retails for 105 US Dollar through Cell C. It is built-in WI-FI support and offers 1080p full-hd output and has the ability to pull data from Facebook and Twitter about movies or sports teams. Third-party services as Netflix and Showmax won’t be featured and also it can’t record live TV as yet.

Cell C CEO, Jose Dos Santos said he will be looking forward to secure more sports rights if the box turns out to be a success.