Cartoon Network Africa to reveal African produced short films

On Monday, 11 December 2017, Cartoon Network Africa will be bringing the first ever, wholly produced in Africa, animated shorts. Local audiences will be able to benefit from three more locally produced animated shorts which is set to air every Monday until 1 January 2018.

Four locally produced animated shorts of the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios comes right after the recent FupiToons Film Festival. Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios, drawing contest was created to motivate, inspire and celebrate children between 6 to 12 wild imaginations bringing forward their creativity and creating their own Cartoon Network friendly character.

Jaime Ondarza, senior vice president for Turner Southern Europe & Africa, said “We’re excited about showing the winning four animated shorts across Africa on Cartoon Network. We have been extremely impressed by the creativity and collaborative efforts from all our partners in making this possible. It has been extremely amazing to walk the journey with the Imagination Studios winners and see their imaginative entries coming alive before their eyes.”