Canal + to air new health show exclusively for Africa

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New 90-minute monthly meeting devoted to health news on the African continent, BONJOUR SANTÉ is broadcast on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8:30 pm on CANAL + as part of the MARDIS DE L’AFRIQUE. The show is presented by Dr. Roger Moyou-Mogo, a general practitioner and emergency specialist specializing in vascular medicine, and Joëlle Ededeghe Ndong, former editor-in-chief and presenter of the program Afrique Santé on Africa N ° 1.

Many reports and guests on stage will bring their insights and analysis on prevention, hygiene, research and medical news in Africa and answer all questions that arise on diseases. For the first issue of January 2018, BONJOUR SANTE will address health issues that Africans face: sickle cell disease, diabetes and asthma among others.

The medical expertise of BONJOUR SANTÉ is based on specialized writing within the 17 JUNE MEDIA production company that produces the “MAGAZINE DE LA SANTE” for France 5 and a network of African doctors and researchers. Through BONJOUR SANTÉ, CANAL + meets the expectations of its subscribers for whom health is at the heart of concerns and strengthens its proposal for programs and content in Africa.