Camtel signs with Friendly Technologies to enhance the triple-play service

In order to improve the triple-play experience of its residential subscribers, Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) has signed a service agreement with Friendly Technologies. Through a range of technical solutions, the Israeli company, which specializes in providing device management solutions to streamline the deployment and support of data, VoIP, IPTV, smart home, mobile services and 4G services, will help Cameroonian incumbent to improve the telecom experience of its residential customers.

First, Friendly Technologies will provide Camtel with its TR-069 ACS solution. It automates the process of provisioning new subscriber devices, reducing call center call processing time, simplifying troubleshooting, and troubleshooting router issues. Then there is the QoE monitoring solution. This module monitors the quality of service at the subscriber endpoint, providing Camtel with accurate information on the quality of service provided to its subscribers. Finally, there is the self-help portal. It offers subscribers the ability to automatically diagnose non-technical issues and solve them by clicking a button.

According to Auguste Serge Behe, head of Camtel’s IP Network and Business Solutions Department, Friendly Technologies was chosen from five different providers. She seduced with her “proven experience and evolutionary technology. The TR-069 device management platform is accessible by IoT and Smart Home and can be extended to other services in the future,” he said.