Bundesliga signs deal with South African media Laduma

Leaders of the Bundesliga, the German Premier League Football Championship, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the South African media Laduma Soccer. Specialized in football news, the media is now responsible for increasing the visibility of the Bundesliga in sub-Saharan Africa.

Soccer Laduma will be able to post on its website summaries of each Bundesliga day. The media will also have privileged access to players and other players in the championship to produce interviews and exclusive content.

“We are pleased to partner with Soccer Laduma to give African fans greater access to the German Premier League Championship. Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most important markets for the Bundesliga, “said Robert Klein, the international director of the Bundesliga. “We are very excited about the unique opportunities that this unique partnership in Africa will offer,” said Peter du Toit (pictured), founder of Laduma Soccer.

Nevertheless, despite a large number of visitors (6 million monthly visitors), it is hard to see how the platform that is being followed in Southern Africa could increase the visibility of the Bundesliga throughout sub-Saharan Africa.