Botswana Television collaborates with TSL for broadcast solutions

Botwana Television (BTV) first went on air in 2000 and became Africa’s first fully digital TV station. Starting up from a greenfield studio and playout centre in the capital city of Gaborone, this area was considered as state-of-the-art and an early adopter of a tapeless workflow. Systems integrator Dega Broadcast Systems (Dega) is to design and implement the new technology platform. 

Dega suggested the TallyMan intelligent unified control platform from TSL Products. BTV was immediately inclined to consider this suggestion, as one of the few parts of the original station installation still working well was the under-monitor display (UMD) from TSL.

In accordance with the ideal third-party integration, the Virtual Panel provides a powerful control engine for grouping multiple actions into a simple, drag and drop control surface. Broadcasters can initiate production pre-sets that stimulate actions from multiple pieces of equipment with a single key-press. Logic trapping ensures all elements of a path are established before it can be taken to air, helping to eliminate operational errors while providing simple access to complex actions. This intuitive user platform ensures that the end user’s engineering team can adjust existing pre-sets and add new operations or equipment at any time in the future. Using the design software, Dega was able to customize panels to the particular needs of the individual user.

Philip Pullinger, BTV project manager for Dega Broadcast Systems stated, “In a country like Botswana, it is very important that technology be resistant to various environmental factors, as the weather can be harsh resulting in power outages and air conditioning failures. TallyMan is a distributed system that does not rely on all system components to be working all of the time. This is a very strong architecture to have in this sort of unpredictable environment.”