BMS proposes turnkey solutions for DTT in Africa backed by Rohde & Schwarz


Broadcasting Media Solutions, a subsidiary of Groupe Sipromad, provided an exclusive interview for NexTV News Africa during the NexTV CEO Africa 2018 conference at the Hilton Resort & Spa, Mauritius. The CEO of BMS, Khiran Kheerodhur elaborated on the activities of BMS on the African continent and how the partnership they have with Rohde & Schwarz have allowed them to expand their activities. 
Larissa Ratsiraka, Marketing, Communication and PR Director at Groupe Sipromad which is the parent company of BMS told NexTV News Africa that the company is a leader in the diversified industry and operate in several clusters namely, Finance, Aviation, Real Estate, Broadcasting, Energy, Tourism and Technology. They work with numerous international companies like Turkish Airline, Rohde & Schwarz, Apple, Orange money and Brinks. 
Khiran Kheerodhur elaborated on how BMS is expanding its activities over Africa. He said, “We work closely with African countries. BMS started its operations in Madagascar, and provides German Quality products for the DTT in Africa. At the moment we are running a pilot test in Nosy Be. We meet with technical teams on site to explain what is DTT and our turnkey solutions. Our clients often fly to Munich to check the transmitters manufacturing plant. We do not only selling transmitters and STBs but provide long term solutions. We carry out site surveys to understand the requirement of the market we are going to have operations in and work out with customers for custom made DTT transmission. BMS proposes a monitoring system, optimising the use of the products we offer. We provide full turnkey solutions, from electrical equipment, solar systems to STBs.”
Jean-Christophe Prunet, VP sales, Services & Marketing Africa Region at Rohde & Schwarz talked about their partnership with BMS. He said, “The MENA region is influenced by Europe, the DTT requirement there differs from sub-saharan Africa. African countries we work with are switching directly from analogue to HD TV. Everything needs to be changed, from studios, cameras, TV sets and transmitters. BMS as a broadcast integrator, allowed us to cater for the African market. We manufacture products from Germany.” Jean-Chritophe Prunet also explained that the company has a decentralised way of operations saying “We are very decentralised and adapt to the local requirement of the countries we work with.” 
When asked about the competitive advantage of BMS in the region, the CEO of BMS said that they are the only players in the region to act as a one-stop shop. As Mr. Prunet said, they have the German know-how and the quality of products they manufacture stands the test of time. 
Amine Oubid, Head of Staff at BMS, explained how the company offers value added services. “The main challenge is to understand the market and adapt to it. We employ locals on a 60:100 ratio and develop their skills to be able to lead projects.”