Black new entertainment platform launched in South Africa

Joe Public United recently announced the launch of Black, a revolutionary entertainment offering. The new platform is a South African first, allowing users to rent, buy or subscribe to movies and series. They will also have access to music videos, football club channels, gaming and much more on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV for one day.

Black is brought to consumers as a new separate division within Cell C, which is focused on delivering entertainment and content. However, it is network agnostic which means it will be available to any customer with an internet connection.

Black eventually is the future of entertainment and to communicate this Joe Public United launched a full 360-degree campaign dramatising the premise that ‘If you don’t have black, you’re living in the past’, because black is ‘The future of entertainment. Now.’

This concept arose from wanting to position a new product as the best, most innovative entertainment offering on the market. The intention behind this creation was to establish a disruptive, iconic, intriguing and sexy brand that still offers consumers absolute accessibility and quality. 

“The alignment of the group’s approach to strategy and excellent creative output, expresses the true partnership potential we have with Joe Public United. We are excited to be joining forces with the dynamic group and we believe they are best suited to complement our business,” says Surie Ramasary, black, chief executive: Content.