Benin to complete its DTT in June 2019


In Benin, the entire national territory could benefit from digital terrestrial television no later than June 2019. This was implied by Patricia Codjia, member of the steering committee for the transition to DTT.

“Digital terrestrial television is already a reality in Benin. We are in the extension phase of the network. The entire population could receive DTT in the first half of 2019. No obstacle hinders the process, “said Patricia Codjia.

Started in 2013, the country’s migration process seems close to completion with the creation of the Commission nationale de la migration de l’analogique au numérique (Cnman), attached to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication under the deceased regime, no significant progress has been recorded. It was dissolved and replaced by the Comité de pilotage de la transition à la télévision numérique terrestre (Cptnt), created in November 2016 and attached to the civilian Cabinet of the Head of State. Since then, the work has progressed considerably, and the generalization of DTT is planned for no later than the end of the first half of the current year.

Three years after the deadline for migration from analogue to digital, DTT is finally a reality in Benin. Some people are already experimenting in the South of the country until the generalization in June 2019. Indeed, at the end of the first half of this year, the Beninese, without exception, may have a better quality of image and sound on their television screens with access to high-definition television, announced the Comité de pilotage de la transition à la télévision numérique terrestre.

Since a few weeks, the authorities have been testing a multiplex of some channels on the DTT platform, particularly in areas near Cotonou, the economic capital of the country where the network is being rolled out.