BeIn Sports unblocked in the UAE

TV footbal

BeIn Sports, the Qatari Channel is back in Dubai. The channel has been blocked for more than a month in the country due to the on-going rift between Qatar and surrounding countries. For some of the fans, the news is welcome with a relief as BeIN Sports is the only way of watching sporting events in the region.

The service providers of the channel confirmed, on Saturday, that the channel was available again. Etisalat sent a text to subscribers confirming the same. However, in a text message from the channel operator to its customers, it was told that the provision of BeIN package will be reviewed. 

Football fan, Jamaal Hamilton said, “To some of us, beIN Sports is the only way of watching sporting events in the region. (After the Qatar crisis began) it was quite unfortunate that us sporting fans had to suffer the fate of not being able to tune into sports from around the world. The blocking of the channels came at a time when there were numerous events happening such as the Fifa U-20 World Cup; some Formula One races; the Fifa confederations cup; and major tennis events. To watch some of those, I would have had to find and subscribe to streaming services, which is very inconvenient.” He added, “Now that it has been restored, it is a jubilant moment because the football season is right around the corner. It would have been truly heart-wrenching to not be able to watch it from the comfort of my home on my television.”