Azam TV announced International Film Festival on Sinema Zetu

Azam TV announced the Swahili channel, Sinema Zetu, will soon show the international Film Festival. The festival revolves around Kiswahili Panorama and scheduled to start from the 1st of January 2018 to February. Azam TV holds the honor of hosting the first ever film festival on TV in the East African region. 

Professor Martin Mhando will be the Jury Chairman and festival mentor. For 10 years he has been the festival director of Zanzibar’s Festival ZIFF. Elizabeth Michael, also known as Lulu, actress and singer, will be the festival’s brand ambassador. Lulu said this move will encourage many filmmakers to enter their films in competition. She added, “This is a great honor for me to be the face of the company, the festival, the industry and the nation. What is better is that the films will compete in confidence and that the international jury members will ensure justice is done.” 

Uhai productions’ Chief Executive, Tido Mhando, said, “Bongo movies industry has slowed down.  Azam TV has seen it and the festival will now give a new lease of life through this creative initiative’. “The aim is to bring together different stakeholders in the Kiswahili language film industry through our channel Sinema Zetu. The Channel is unique and it only shows Swahili movies.  Thus, its build our language and culture.” 

Festival Director Jacob Joseph reinforced that Sinema Zetu International Film Festival (SZIFF ) is a competitive unique event where ‘ Documentaries, Short Films, Animation and  Feature films ‘ produced/Dubbed in Kiswahili language will be screened in mini screen.  The festival provides film enthusiasts, a platform to screen their movies through ‘Sinema Zetu’, the flagship movie channel of Azam PayTv Limited. 

Joseph added, “We will be working with our festival partners positioned in Morogoro, Zanzibar, Tanga, Arusha, Mwanza, Dodoma and Mtwara, Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, Bujumbura and Goma.  They will be responsible for raising awareness, motivating and be the collection point for the films.”        

The festival is to show around 150 films. The festival will bestow a ‘Certificate of Excellence & Cash Awards’ to filmmakers as a tribute to their creativity, innovation and Commitment. 

The channel will be Free-to-view during the hours of screening. There will be panels of critics to discuss he films after presentation and some filmmakers will be at hand to present their films. This will improve the capacity of the viewers to analyse films.