Amino Social App launched in Middle East

Amino app allows people to share their excitement, passion, hobbies and interests at their fingertips with a swipe of their thumb without the 140 characters limitation. Plus, with one login, you get three profiles from which to post. Amino, a platform to create and find communities for “any interest in the world”, is seeking to address the online Arabic content gap for regional social media users as it officially launches in the region.

Only 1 percent of content currently created online is in Arabic while Arabic is the fifth most spoken language around the world. Amino says that it expects to see a rise in user-generated content from the region, aiming to build an abundant amount of Arabic content online, comprising of creating and posting quizzes and allowing users to chat via text or video, users can also share images, videos and GIFs and thus interacting with people that have a shared passion for pop culture, sports amongst others.

Amino’s general manager, Carl Madi, said, “In the 18 months since launching our Amino master app, we have added hundreds of thousands of communities on the platform. One of the most significant markets for us has been the Middle East, where we will be looking to grow our range of communities to serve the Arabic-speaking audience with specialised interests.

Carl Madi added, “Amino has grown to fulfill a unique need of providing digital citizens with a platform to build a global network of peers based on similar interests. Whether these are around more mainstream hobbies such as football or motorcycling, or niche interests such as anime and manga or Korean pop, you can be sure an Amino exists, and in the language of your choice. The personal connections that our users build has resulted in a best-in-class average daily time spend of 70 minutes, higher than the most popular social networking platforms.”