ALTV and Dugout in partnership to offer behind the scenes Football Action

Football fans across the North African and Middle East region will be treated to exclusive Behind the Scenes Football actions from top clubs’ players on ALTV. ALTV’s website is one of the fastest growing free streaming services newly launched in the MENA region. It recently announced a partnership with Dugout, a digital platform. The recent alliance will allow football fans to be connected to the world’s greatest clubs and players by having access to behind-the-scenes content.

Launched in 2016, Dugout partnered with many of the world’s most popular clubs and footballers, working with the clubs and players to create exclusive, high-quality content giving fans a backstage pass to the biggest names and events in football. ALTV will host new content from Dugout accessible for free on its website and via the ALTV app. ALTV will also give Dugout the editorial guidance for upcoming content based on its acumen of broadcasting popularonline content in the MENA. 

“ALTV is really shaking up the entertainment and broadcasting model and is doing an unrivalled job of connecting to audiences across the Middle East and North Africa. I’ve travelled all over the world and am yet to find fans more fanatical about their football than in this part of the world. We believe there’s a real appetite here for the type of top-quality football content we produce, so tapping into ALTV’s network will give us the platform to really engage fans and give them more of what they want,” said Elliot Richardson, President of Dugout.

The Media entrepreneur and ALTV founder, David McCourt added, “Since our launch in 2016, ALTV has quickly grown to become one of the most watched video streaming platforms based in the Middle East and North Africa, providing relevant content to local audiences in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and the wider MENA region. We’ve quickly established three main programming categories and based on the hugely positive reactions to our highly original content, sports has cemented itself as a key genre. Football is one of the most popular sports across MENA and through this partnership between ALTV and Dugout, fans across the region can feel more connected to the action, news and discussion than ever before.”