Algeria considers licensing private TV stations

The Algerian Parliament, on January 20th, will discuss and vote on the long-awaited audiovisual bill, that will license private sector television channels if passed into law. Over 20 private Algerian channels that operate from abroad, but distribute their signals by satellite into the North African country, have also been invited to extend their licences from 31 December 2013.

Algerian Communications Minister, Abdelkader Messahel, said that the offshore channels would be able to broadcast their programmes through the Algerian Television Broadcasting Company (TDA) after the new legislation comes into force, so long as the channels are “established under Algerian law”.

Satellite channels including Numidia News TV, Canal Algerie, TVA3, Tamazight TV, Coran TV, Echorouk TV, El Djazairiya TV, Ennahar TV, Hoggar TV, Dzairshop TV, L’Index TV, Dzair TV, Al Atlas TV, Djurdjura Children’s Channel and Samira all currently compete for viewership with the state-owned ENTV.