Al-Madar rolls out 4G services in Northern Libya

Libya’s state-owned mobile phone operator Al-Madar introduced the first 4G services in the North of Libya, a rare investment in a country hit by years of political instability and violence.

The 4G services which is 10 times faster than the previous 3G Internet was rolled out at Al-Madar’s headquarters in Tripoli.

The Chairman of Al-Madar declared, “The service and establishment of the 4G+ network was not an easy task. We were confronted with many difficulties and obstacles, both in terms of financing or the security situation that hindered implementation.”

He further declared that the 4G service is available in the Greater Tripoli area and will soon be available to the eastern city of Benghazi and other cities.

However, extending the 4G in the south which is hit by greater instability will depend on better security. “We can’t send our engineers to work in such conditions,” he stated.

The firm is owned by the Libyan post, telecommunication and IT Holding company, was established in 1995.