Al Dafrah TV has opted for for HD experience

Al Dafrah TV has selected UAE telecom operator du to provide services upgraded from SD to HD for TV viewers in the MENA to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience. 

Chief commercial officer, Fahad AlHassawi of du said, “we have come to a resolution to support the future of television and we are bound to provide our customers with a better experience with forefront technology. The partnership with Al Dafrah TV is definitely set to give a more superior and enjoyable experience by playing out services in HD.”

Chief executive officer, Mohammad Al Mazroui of Al Dafrah, added: du has impressed us with the high level of technical capability and with the outstanding service quality meeting the standards of du.” du was the primary choice when they decided to boost the upgrade to HD. He added, “we look forward to make the relationship even stronger as du is a reliable partner, and as for Al Dafrah TV viewers and followers, we will abide by our promise to provide them with a better service which they deserve.”