Al Aan TV switches to widescreen

Al Aan TV, a Dubai-based free-to-air television network, has shifted from 4:3 screen format to 16:9 widescreen format to give viewers better quality screen images.

“There are many benefits that favour 16:9 widescreen broadcasting which include the artistic and picture-making possibilities; the possibility to move an important feature in the picture away from the centre to create more overview or the possibility of improved alignment of fore- and background elements – resulting in a better 3D-effect and a more naturally proportioned picture,” said Raad Haddadin, Head of Technical at Al Aan TV.

Haddadin added that screen technology is advancing fast and new flat screen televisions “LED” are now only available in 16:9 format. “The 4:3 screen format used previously is definitely on the way out,” he said.