AISSA new musical series on A+ in Africa


With a new format, AISSA is the first musical series in French-speaking Africa. Scenes sung and danced succeed each other to stage the daily life of young Aissa. Co-produced by A + and directed by Jean Roke Patoudem of Patou Films International, the AISSA series is an original idea of ​​the Beninese Kodjo Houngbeme.

AISSA tells the story of a young girl who, after losing her mother, goes to live with her father. Mistreated by her stepmother Clothilde and her half-sister Kimy, Aïssa finds refuge in music especially singing. With the ultimate dream of becoming a music star one day.

Entirely shot in Cameroon, the AISSA series showcases young Cameroonian talents while bringing together an incredible pan-African cast: Youssouf Djaoro (Chad), Rokhaya Niang (Senegal), Emma Lohoues and Lino Versace (Ivory Coast), Senzaa Brown ( Ghana / Togo), Hama Hahaya (Niger), Romaine Ebo’o and Amen Steve Patrick (Cameroon), Armelle Nikiema and Fleur Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso), Laika Naëlle Magoura (Gabon).

“Working on this series has been a pleasure. The format is new, the music is truly a major player. This is the first time such a hybrid production has been produced in Africa. A great way to surprise viewers and offer them a new form of entertainment, “says Senza Brown, lead actress.

In this original series, the music punctuates the exchanges and the adventures of the actors. Lino Versace and Singuila, two well-known artists from the French-speaking African public, composed the soundtrack with other great names in African music.

“The A + channel is proud to accompany and broadcast this first exclusive” AISSA “series. This pan-African production is one more example of our investment in the creation and promotion of talent from the African continent “says Damiano Malchiodi, Director of the A + channel.

Series of 26 episodes, AISSA will be broadcast on A + every Sunday at 19H UT from 4 March.