Airtel and Tigo launch AirtelTigo in Ghana

The new telecoms company, born from the merger of mobile operators Airtel and Tigo, unveiled its new brand name this November 14, 2017. It is AirtelTigo. According to Roshi Motman, the President and CEO of the new company, the combination of the two brands reflects the union of talents, technologies and tactical expertise of both partners for greater attention to consumers.

AirtelTigo has now almost 10 million consumers with 26.02% market share. The company takes the second place in the national telecom market behind MTN, and ahead of Vodafone it is just ahead. Thanks to the combined telecom network, the joint venture aims to become the best telecom operator in the country in terms of coverage, quality of service and, above all, customer experience.

For Rosy Finn, AirtelTigo’s Marketing Director, the merger gave both companies a stronger position to “better serve our customers.” Even our distributors and partners are now dealing with companies that have a bigger footprint. So I think it’s overall great for the industry. “