AfroSport TV to be launched in Cameroon

AfroSport TV, a new sports channel will be launched in Cameroon. Medicam Limited, a multi-national investment and development team, has acquired the TV rights for the channel by the Ministry of Communications Authorization.

Cable distribution deals have already been signed by the company with TV cam and SWE Cable. Further, other deals with 12 companies are in negotiations. This will amount the potential number of daily audience in Cameroon up to 5 million.

Jules Njawe, the chief operating officer at Medicam Limited, said: ‘Our network will focus on Cameroon and their athletic achievements and day to day news on Cameroon, European and African sports events. The Company has acquired state of the art TV equipment to do live broadcast in high definition in both French and English”.

It is to be noted that, AfroSport will be the first sports TV channel to be introduced in Cameroon.