African Union of Broadcasting prioritises Digital Migration


Rwanda hosted the General Assembly of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB). The assembly started with a forum for journalists, which took place on March 12-13, and drew communication ministers and chief executives from all over the continent. The New Times’ Julius Bizimungu caught up with Grégoire Ndjaka, the director general of AUB, who shared insights on what they intend to achieve out from the meeting and what work is being done to drive broadcasting industry in Africa. 

Participants discussed one particular subject; which is the transition from analog to digital in Africa. This process has been difficult for many African countries, and this is because of the many challenges and problems faced by different African countries. According the Ndjaka, One of the problems of digitalisation is content. A lot of politicians thought that talking about digitalisation was only about buying equipment and generally setting up the infrastructure. Content creation is also an important facet to tackle in the digitalization of TV in Africa.

He added, “There is another problem of lack of intellectual capacities. You need know-how to bring such projects from the beginning to the end. In some countries, one of the reasons they are not achieving migration is because of corruption. But we want to support our members and we are pushing to achieve this process, because, clearly, the digital migration is going to benefit all of us.”